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Google Authenticator Demo

This is a quick demo of how to implement two-factor authentication using the Google Authenticator on your own site or application. I created this page in less than 2 hours to show how trivial it is to do. Here, you can register a user name, and then login by using the information provided by the Google Authenticator. Note that this would also work with any OATH HOTP compliant hardware token.


To try it out, simply enter a user name here. It can be anything, made of letters, numbers, dots or the at sign:

User name:


Once you enrolled, enter your user name and the token from the Google Authenticator here:

User name:
Current token:

Reset account

If you ever lose your phone, use the reset key that was provided when you enrolled to reset your account:

User name:
Reset key:


Please note that this site is a proof of concept and is not affiliated in any way with Google. The source code is publicly available here. Implementation of this system should be done over a secured site (SSL) to ensure security. The code is provided AS-IS and I am not responsible for what you do with it.