My 41 favorite series of all time.

Akame ga Kill


An action Anime with a fair bit of fan service and some silliness. Some sad parts, and some humor.

And you thought there is never a girl online?


In this comedy title, the characters play a MMO. It's the typical romance comedy where the male protagonist has to deal with several female characters. It has some action and decent humor.

Attack on Titan


A pretty good action Anime, a genre I don't often watch. Despite the fact that there's basically no fan service, it has enough action to keep me interested.

Bikini Warriors


Bikini Warriors has some action, but no one would watch it for anything but the fan service. It is extremely short, but worth it if that's your style, which is why it's in my list.

Black Lagoon


Black Lagoon is an action filled series that's pretty old and very popular. It's fairly serious with some fun moments, and one of the first titles I watched.



Canaan is a niche action title that focuses on a few characters with very different backgrounds.

Cells at Work!


An extremely adorable series where we follow the stories of various cells working inside of our body. Full of action and very educational too.



Based on the manga of the same name, it's about two half-sisters falling in love. Unfortunately the story is fairly weak and doesn't go far.

Eromanga Sensei


This is a great series about a shut-in girl who just happens to be a master erotic artist.

Fate/kaleid liner PRISMA ILLYA


This Fate spin-off is all about young magical girls and their fights against servants. Full of fan service, action and humor

Fate/stay night


The staple title in the Fate universe. Great action and entertaining story.



A pretty interesting slice of life series about high school students and their video gaming club.



This title mixes modern military action with fantasy elves and magic to give a very entertaining story.



A pretty good series about a group of students who drive tanks and compete against other schools. Lots of driving and shooting action.



This is a dark fantasy anime with a pretty unique story about a group of adventurers hunting down goblins.

Gabriel DropOut


This series is about 2 demons and 2 angels that arrive in a school and interact with each others. It's fairly amusing with a very simple story.

Gunslinger Girl


This is a niche action title about orphan girls being brainwashed into killing machines. It's pretty sad but good nonetheless.

Harukana Receive


A fun series about a team of beach volleyball with an interesting story and lots of fan service.

High School DxD


This is a pretty popular title about a group of demons fighting around a school, with tons of action and a lot of fan service.

High School Fleet


A show full of action and emotion about school ships.

Is the Order a Rabbit?


A short slice of life series about students working in rabbit themed cafes that's both adorable and without much action.



This funny story follows a dead guy reborn in a fantasy universe who forms a group of exceptionally useless adventurers.



A group of ship girls have to fight an invading army while learning to get along with each others. It's a very unique story with a lot of action.



Another entry in the idols genre, this is a pretty sweet series where a group of girls try to improve tourism in their town through singing.

Love Live! School Idol Project


An excellent series about a group of students trying to save their school by winning an idols contest.

Love Live! Sunshine!!


Extremely similar to the original Love Live, where the characters and story are mostly reharshed, but still very good to watch.

Macross Plus


This is one of the oldest Anime I've watched, possibly the oldest. It's action oriented and has very good music.

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU


A group of problem students are assigned to a club where they try and solve various problems for other students.



An excellent slice of life series about a group of young girls making a new video game.

No Game No Life


A very popular series about a duo of gamers taking on challenges in a very entertaining way. Unfortunately ends in a cliff hanger.



This title follows a dungeon overlord in a game where all the NPCs become sentient. The premise is great but the story is a bit mundane.

Queen's Blade


An excellent ecchi title mostly focused on fan service but with a pretty decent story and a lot of action. And nudity.

Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai


This series follows a student that people forget exist, and can't see anymore. The story is very original but the episodes become repetitive quickly.

Saekano -How to Raise a Boring Girlfriend-


This decent series focuses on a writer trying to convince a few girls to help him create a dating game.

Sakura Trick


This is a short but sweet title about two girls who one day decide to kiss, then do it every day for the rest of the year.

Sword Art Online


A very unique story about users of a VR game who cannot log out of the game, and have to fight to survive. It has a lot of action and some dark moments.

Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online


This is a lighter and funnier spin off from SAO, still filled with action but more light hearted.



This is a pretty entertaining title about girls from various backgrounds who come together and try their hand at becoming an idols group.



A high school student tries to get a girlfriend. It has an interesting story but somewhat of a disappointing ending.



This is a funny yet emotional story about a maid obsessed with her underaged mistress.



An excellent slice of life title about a group of middle school girls and their activities in the 'amusement club'. It's very funny and adorable with slight yuri undertones.

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