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Hi, my name is Patrick Lambert and I'm a tech worker, blogger, anime fan, digital artist and video gamer. I live in Montreal, Canada and have over 15 years of experience in technology.

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Blog archive

Date Title Category
2020-07-03 Scared away from individual stock investing Finances
2020-06-26 Building a status screen with a Raspberri Pi Gadgets
2020-06-05 Coming full circle with AWS CDK Cloud
2020-05-20 Living in an anime home Finances
2020-04-30 How to export a MySQL query result Administration
2020-03-30 The perfect virtual office Administration
2020-02-10 Continuous integration workflow using GitHub, Travis and AWS EBS Cloud
2020-01-19 How to store and access secrets when deploying in AWS Cloud
2019-12-15 Securing Guacamole while running in a Docker container Security
2019-12-09 Deploying an AWS Lambda function using Ansible Cloud
2019-11-28 Should our email services be silently bouncing emails? Cloud
2019-11-20 Publishing your first Docker container Coding
2019-11-18 Building an Azure web app using continuous deployment in 15 minutes Cloud
2019-11-16 Login authentication federation the old way Administration
2019-10-12 A sample cloud design template Cloud
2019-10-09 What is DevOps? Here is my definition Cloud
2019-10-07 The true outcome of a recession Finances
2019-10-02 Stock valuation 101 Finances
2019-09-20 I like good tech, but I dislike trendy gadgets Gadgets
2019-09-08 Investing to financial independence as a Canadian Finances
2019-08-18 Backing up your cloud instances with AWS Lifecycle Policy Cloud
2019-08-06 When does it make sense to go serverless? Cloud
2019-07-29 Checking the health of AWS ELB targets using a Lambda function Coding
2019-05-16 Primer for collecting anime figures Anime
2019-04-07 Installing MySQL in a Docker container and creating a new database Administration
2019-03-01 How to work with Ansible templates Administration
2019-02-06 Using tor to download anonymously on CentOS Linux Security
2019-01-02 Making a Docker compose file for Guacamole Administration
2018-12-24 Automating the creation of a self-signed certificate in IIS Administration
2018-11-09 A homelab on a budget Administration
2018-10-12 Using Docker on CentOS 7 Administration
2018-04-15 Scanning Wi-Fi with Linux Security
2018-01-08 Building an OpenVPN server in AWS Cloud
2017-11-29 Installing multiple Python versions Administration
2017-11-27 Ansible tips and tricks Administration
2017-08-22 Making a weather status screen in Python Coding
2017-04-20 Setting up a ZFS filesystem on Linux Administration
2016-10-01 Raspberry Pi projects Gadgets
2016-03-12 Image and video conversion with FFmpeg and ImageMagick Administration
2016-02-19 SystemD reference sheet Administration
2015-12-22 Making a .NET Windows app without using Visual Studio Coding
2015-10-19 Creating a foreign key in MySQL Coding
2015-02-16 Implementing Google Authentication on CentOS 7.x Administration