This page provides simple utilities to encrypt or hash text and provide the result, done 100% in Javascript. This means the keys and data never leaves your browser, and does not require a secure link to transmit, since it stays on your system.



Pass phrase:

Input text:


Technical details

AES encryption is done using the Rijndael algorithm and a 256 bits key. The result is converted to Base64 characters. For RC4 and Blowfish the input is also converted to Base64. In all cases, the key used is actually the sha-256 result of the pass phrase you write. In the case of hashes, if the Salt option is selected, the salt generated is a random string of 64 characters which is prepended to the input text.


Cyrpto implementations based on open source code by Chris Veness, webtoolkit, Dojo Toolkit, and moco-akechi.

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