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An IT system for the modern environment

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Full features list

  • Users management

    Allow users to register accounts, reset their passwords, email addresses and more.
  • Access level permissions

    Six access levels allow you to control who has access to add tickets, modify their statuses, manage products, and so on.
  • Active Directory integration

    Use the stand alone users module or synchronize with your AD domain.
  • Project and milestone control

    Add projects and create milestones against those projects.
  • Files management

    Store files for users or clients, organized by project, and track who accesses them.
  • Custom home page

    See the tickets you created, items you checked out, or tasks remaining on your home page.
  • Files management

    Allow users to attach files to tickets, or send custom links to clients.
  • Automation engine

    Schedule background tasks (monitoring email for tickets, backups, syncing users or systems with AD).
  • External integrations

    Integrate with external sources like Active Directory, ServiceNow, ODBC and CSV files.
  • Custom forms

    Use the default form or create custom ones to customize the ticket entry page.
  • Knowledge base articles

    Create articles to build a knowledge base linked to your projects and tickets.
  • Full text search and filters

    Sort any table by any column or do a custom search.
  • Time tracking

    Users assigned to tickets can enter the time they took to solve issues and track their time.
  • Follow and auto assignment

    Users can follow tickets, assign themselves to work on issues, or auto assign themselves to products.
  • Assets management

    Users can checkout items from your inventory with full approval process available.
  • Tasks management

    Create tasks and assign them to users, with due dates and completion rates.
  • Clients directory

    Add clients and contacts, then track billing based on the time users spent on tickets.
  • Ticket routing

    Automatically route new tickets based on who created them, what group they are in, custom keywords, etc.
  • Easy to install

    NodePoint works on Windows and Linux, is easy to install, and can be configured in minutes.
  • Trivial to update

    See when an update is available and update your instance with a single copy operation.
  • Responsive design

    Using the Bootstrap framework, NodePoint works just as well on the desktop as on mobile.
  • Simple and elegant interface

    The interface is easy to understand and elegant for your users to use.
  • Fully componentized

    Enable the features you need, disable those you don't.
  • Email notifications

    NodePoint comes with a built-in email notification module to link with your email system.

    Create custom scripts or link other systems with an easy to use API.
  • Statistics and reports

    Monitor your instance through a number of reports, graphs and calendars.
  • Full documentation

    Instruction manual provided for Windows and Linux.

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Changes and improvements

VersionRelease notes
1.7.4Small first use and docs improvements.
1.7.3Improved Linux setup script, allowed file extension option, small visual improvements.
1.7.2New Checklists component, ticket routing improvements.
1.7.1Added ODBC support, more routing options, various small improvements.
1.7.0Added 'assign to' for custom forms, new feature: ticket routing.
1.6.5Improved search, new API function, many small improvements.

Additional resources

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