10 reasons not to use Windows 10

Last update: 2017-03-11

I try to stay away from OS wars. There are good reasons to use any system, and to each their own, but personally I tend to prefer Linux on the server and Windows on the desktop. However, I still use Windows 7 and have no intention of switching to Windows 10. When the latest release from Microsoft came out, there were a lot of opinion pieces and news articles coming out about various things Microsoft were doing that made Windows 10 a very problematic OS, but since then it's almost as if people just gave up, even though the situation hasn't improved. Quite the contrary, in fact if anything it has gotten worse. Here are 10 reasons why you still may not want to use Windows 10:

1. Cumulative updates

Microsoft says it's to make things easier on users, and it's true that by providing all updates as cumulative bundles, it may seem simpler. But as soon as something breaks, you're SOL. And things break a lot more than the company is willing to admit. In the past, if a Windows update broke things, you just uninstalled that one item, but now it's all or nothing. You cannot deny an update, and you cannot turn off updates either. This has caused issues for companies and gamers especially.


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