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Year in review 2014

Another year is behind us, and as usual it's time to reflect. 2014 was a mixed year. I moved onto a new, higher paying job. I managed to create a lot more code and acquire new skills, so that's good. However I've been sick more often than before, almost as if I'm getting old..

Thinking about 2015, I'm thinking it's going to be mostly a continuation of all that. There are things I'd like to do however, like get some more certificates. I haven't done any certification in several years now and while I do learn all the time, I think it's important to keep up to date, especially in the IT field. Maybe something different this time, I'm thinking Microsoft SQL Server.

On the hobbies side, the year has been pretty good for PC gaming, with titles like Dragon Age Inquisition coming out pretty decently, along with quite a few good movies too. Typically when a new game comes out that seems interesting I either get it, or wishlist it and buy it whenever it goes on sale. These days however I've been going from one game to the next faster than usual. Perhaps my attention span for gaming has gone down in recent years? Here's a few thoughts about recent games I've been playing, in no particular order.

  • Game of Thrones - This is one of two Telltale Games that were released before the Holidays. I loved the previous games I've played from them, The Walking Dead and Wolf Among Us. They are all episodic story-driven games, which is something I like. This one seems interesting so far, and I can't wait to see the next episodes.

  • Tales from Borderlands - While I found the actual Borderlands games so-so, this adaptation from Telltale is pretty well done. In fact, I think I like it slightly more than the Game of Thrones one. Also eager to find out what happens next...

  • Life is Strange - It seems like the story-driven genre is picking up, which is good. This title is made by another company but is heavily inspired from the Telltale games. It's unlikely to appeal to many hardcore gamers, but I like it.

  • World of Warcraft - My WoW time has gone down from before the holidays, but that is to be expected, despite what forum trolls will have you believe. I found the new expansion, Warlords of Draenor, quite well done, and garrisons turned out better than anticipated, but now there's just a lot less to do. I don't do heavy raiding anymore, unlike back in early WoW days and EverQuest times, and I only do casual PvP, so my time online is basically checking in on my garrison and doing a few dailies/weeklies.

  • SWTOR - While WoW time went down, I've picked up SWTOR again, after going back to KOTOR for a few days. I left the game completely months ago but I think that's how MMO works these days: They come and go. I've started a brand new Trooper character (the first class I ever played in SWTOR) and will likely stick with it until I get bored again.

On the horizon, there's GTA V coming out for PC next month, although it's listed at $70 which is crazy. I will likely wait for a sale. Episodes from some of the above games are likely to keep me busy as well, and I hope to see some titles pop up on the radar, like the next Mass Effect, and maybe some Dragon Age DLC.

On the hardware side, I've been working a lot on my new server, along with upgrading my desktop to a SSD drive and a better graphics card for gaming. I also bought a HP Envy x2 review in December before returning it, concluding that Windows has no place on a tablet.

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