Last update: 2018-01-18

Year in review 2016

This year I've been traveling a whole lot, I realized that I really like to see new places. It's expensive but hopefully I can keep doing a few trips per year. I've also started to record more videos and posting them on YouTube. I like the process of video creation.

I was planning to do my AWS certification this year but I just didn't have time, probably next year.

For gaming, Rise of the Tomb Raider was awesome and probably my choice for game of the year. Otherwise, I played a lot of good games this year: WoW, SWTOR, Starcraft 2, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Fallout 4. I'm also playing Dishonored 1 since 2 comes out soon.

I went to my first show in a long time, The Nutcracker, which was great. I need to do this more.

My figures and statues collection from last year has grown at an amazing rate, but I think it's slowing down now. There just aren't that many pieces left for me to get.

I started keeping track of my hikes and this year I managed to do better than last year with the average distance walked per day. Exercise! I also tried to cut sugar completely from my diet, although that proved somewhat difficult.

For the coming year, I've started condo hunting, I want to move in July if I find the right place. Apartment living can be hard.

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