Last update: 2018-12-26

Year in review 2018

Another year is over. I think this one went by pretty fast. Now that the New Year is almost here, it's time to reflect on the past 12 months for posterity.

On the gaming scene, this year has seen a shift of the type of games I've been playing. I quit WoW and I play a lot less of triple-A titles. It seems these days everything is about micro-transactions and monetary schemes which is a big turn off. Instead, I've been playing a lot of visual novels. I always play games for the story first and foremost, so it's no wonder that I like visual novels, even if many of them can barely be called 'games'.

On the work side, things are continuing in a typical routine, with no big update to report. This will change at some point, the only question is when. With my eyesight degrading and my interest in the ever evolving world of software development muted, it's inevitable.

I've always liked Anime, but this year I've watched far more Anime series than ever before, and I've almost completely lost interest in western series. I still have some episodes from last year that I haven't watched yet, and have no real desire to. On a similar topic, I've started to seriously learn Japanese this year, mostly to be able to listen to the audio in Anime and visual novels without relying on subtitles, however this is a very hard language, so progress is slow.

I only traveled once this year, with my trip to London and Paris, which was nice but overpriced. Next year I already have plans for more trips, although traveling remains ridiculously expensive. I consider this a temporary hobby, which will stop when I've seen what I've wanted to see.

Another expensive hobby is collectibles. I spent far more on collectibles this year than any previous year, with the bulk of it going to figures, and from looking at upcoming releases it seems like prices are becoming even crazier in the next year. I'm also running out of space.

For the new year, I put together the following resolutions:

  • Walk more
  • Redouble my Japanese learning efforts
  • Curb hobby spending

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