Last update: 2018-04-22

Modeling V4 props in Hexagon

This is a simple tutorial showing how to import V4 from Poser into Hexagon 3D and model various props for her, then export those back into Poser as .pz2 files. This assumes using Poser 7 and Hexagon 2.5, but later versions should work just fine.

Exporting V4

The first step is to export V4 as an obj file, since Hexagon doesn't support Poser's native format. Load your figure in Poser, and export it as a Wavefront OBJ. Make sure the figure is in its default pose. Unselect the ground and select the body for exporting. You can leave the other options as default.

Importing V4

Open Hexagon and import V4. You should see your untextured figure in the viewport. The first thing we want to do is freeze the figure so that we don't mistakenly modify its structure, and so that our prop is its own separate object. In the scene window, select all the body parts and group them by right clicking and selecting the Group option. Then, press the lock to freeze them.

Modeling a prop

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