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Wed, Feb 27 2013 22:11:25 UTC

LightWave 11.5 trial available

After releasing LightWave 11.5 a few weeks ago, NewTek today has released the trial version. Anyone interested in the latest release of this 3D modeler can download it from their web site.

In order to get access to the 30 day trial, you will need to register for an account first. LightWave 11.5 has several new features over the previous version:

* Dongle-Free Licensing - Dongles are no longer required to access the many features of LightWave
* Bullet Soft Body Dynamics - Soft body effects are now possible with Bullet, including cloth
* Bullet Forces - Several force types are now available within Bullet
* Genoma - Fast, modular instant rigging system for Modeler that includes presets for rapid-rigging
* VPR Update - Depth-of-Field, Motion Blur and Anaglyph Stereo now visible in the renderer
* Rolling Shutter - Rolling Shutter camera effects are now possible to aid matching footage that has this effect present
* Edge Rendering Node Control - Control edge opacity, taper and color using nodes
* Flocking Update - Predator / Prey behavior, new Director types and Node control
* FiberFX Update - Multiple styles per object - stored with the object, new styling controls, updated UI
* GoZ Fiber Mesh Support - Building on the robust GoZ support in LightWave 11. LightWave 11.5 now supports ZBrush Fiber Meshes
* Adobe After Effects Support - 'GoZ style' After Effects interchange for Cameras, Lights, NULLs and animation
* Instancing Update - Per Object control, speed and memory improvements
* Modeler Tools Update - ABF UV Unwrap, Edit Edges, Place Mesh, Slice, Thicken, Heat Shrink, Tweak, Transform, Axis and alignment tools and more
* Workflow Enhancements - Many enhancements to streamline and improve workflow

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