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Mon, Feb 25 2013 19:26:49 UTC

Protests at the Oscars

While the Oscars were followed on TV by millions, a less visible protest was also happening at the same time from various VFX artists and industry professionals trying to raise awareness to the poor working conditions and unfair competitive pressures that they are under.

Almost 500 artists marched on Hollywood Blvd after the company which made Oscars winning film Life of Pi went bankrupt just a day after being nominated. Recently a group of workers filed a class action suit against the company who made the movie, Rhythm & Hues, contending that the studio fired 250 people without a 60 days notice.

VFX supervisor Scott Squires on the scene of the protests said that it was an effort to raise awareness. Supporting events were also being reported to be happening in Canada, New Zealand and New York. Meanwhile it's making a lot of noise online, including with an open letter being posted on Facebook to Ang Lee.

Update: Jeffrey A. Okun, the chair of VES, posted a public reply to the protests.

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