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Wed, Feb 20 2013 20:00:23 UTC

Maxwell Render for ArchiCAD and Revit

Maxwell Render is a popular plugin for 3D artists to produce better rendered images using its wide range of features, regardless of the modeling software they use. Now, the company announced two new versions, Maxwell Render for ArchiCAD and for Revit.

Maxwell Render for ArchiCAD is available now and provides the following features:

* Complex scene export from ArchiCAD to Maxwell
* Maxwell Render panel to adjust Maxwell specific parameters
* Maxwell Physical Sky, IBL environment, sun and all the other Maxwell Sky parameters inside ArchiCAD
* Automatic and semi-automatic material conversion
* Maxwell MXM materials inside ArchiCAD (as referenced materials)
* Maxwell material preview inside the Material Settings dialog
* Maxwell Grass
* Maxwell FIRE (Maxwell Interactive Renderer within ArchiCAD)
* Supports referencing external MXS files containing geometry and materials
* Automatic animation export from ArchiCAD (Sun Study... and Fly -Through...)

Maxwell also announced its Revit plugin with the following features:

* Compatibility: Revit 2012 and 2013 (any edition)
* Support for Revit lights, including IES
* Support for many built-in Revit materials
* Ability to override scene materials with MXM files
* Maxwell Grass
* Multilight read back: changes made to lights in Multilight can be imported back into the Revit scene
* Easy access to the Maxwell material library and gallery from inside the Revit UI

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