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Fri, Feb 8 2013 9:16:41 UTC

DreamUp site for art commissions now in beta

Today DeviantART started advertising their new platform called DreamUp, a site still in beta which aims at connecting artists with people looking for commission works. People can sign up either as a creative, willing to create content for others, or request an invite to be a client.

DreamUp seems to want to solve one of the long standing problems that many people have with DeviantART, which is how to manage commissions. For many hobbyists or freelance artists, commissions can be a great way to earn extra revenue, but getting clients and artists in contact can be a challenge, as people scan the many DA users trying to see who offers services and at what price.

DreamUp is currently in beta, and people can sign up as a creative or a client. Right now, artists have to be accepted based on the answers they give on the sign up form, while clients will be invited to use the site later on as it progresses through beta.

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