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Thu, Feb 7 2013 9:18:17 UTC

V-Ray 2.40.01 for 3DS MAX

The Chaos Group announced the availability of their latest update of V-Ray for 3DS MAX. After the recent release of the Softimage version, now the 3DS MAX version reaches 2.40.01 and contains a series of new and improved features.

Some of the new features include:

* VRayHairFarmMod: Added support for rendering HairFarm 2.0 with V-Ray.
* VRayProxy: Support for Alembic .abc files.
* V-Ray RT: Support for instancing.
* V-Ray RT: Support for Forest Pro instancing.
* V-Ray RT CPU: Faster update when adjusting VRayLights.
*V-Ray RT GPU: CUDA speed optimizations and optimizations for GK110 cards.
* V-Ray RT GPU: Support for the ColorCorrection texture.
* V-Ray RT GPU: Support for the Mix texture.

The update can be downloaded now from their web site.

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