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Wed, Feb 6 2013 22:27:21 UTC

Autodesk subscription prices increasing

If you are on an annual subscription with Autodesk, you may have noticed a price increase for upgrades and new subscription options. The company clarified on its web site, and now it seems that international customers will see qa similar increase in mid-March, according to a post on the UK site.

The news post did not say how much the prices would rise abroad, but they did clearly indicate that an increase would come, and why Autodesk was adjusting prices:

In March 2012, Subscription pricing for the majority of Autodesk products was adjusted worldwide. For most products, this resulted in a modest increase to Subscription pricing, while for some products, Subscription pricing decreased slightly.

At that time, applicable Subscription pricing increases came into effect on the sale of new seats, and applicable Subscription pricing decreases came into effect on renewals.

The cost of renewing an existing seat on Subscription will increase marginally to align with last year’s new seat Subscription price changes*.
When will Subscription renewal pricing changes take effect?

The Subscription renewal pricing changes* will take effect on 28 March 2013.

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