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Tue, Feb 5 2013 21:31:01 UTC

V-Ray 1.6 for Softimage

The Chaos Group, which makes the popular V-Ray rendering engine, announced its latest version of V-Ray for Softimage, version 1.6, which brings various new features and enhancements.

Some of the new improvements include:

* Distributed Rendering support
* Much improved ICE support
* New noise texture
* Support for importing Alembic meshes
* Improved mapping of multi-cluster geometry to V-Ray proxies
* Performance improvements in the exporter
* Support for property overrides
* Improved Multimatte texture, including material IDs
* Support for environment fog gizmo objects
* Sphere fade support

The team calls it a semi-beta build, and anyone who is a 1.5 user can download it for free.

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