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Fri, Jan 25 2013 20:15:33 UTC

Krakatoa 2.1.7 released

Thinkbox Software has released Krakatoa MX 2.1.7, their latest public beta of the particle simulation software for 3DS MAX. It is available for download in evaluation mode.

Some of the new features in this version include:

* A new PRT Surface object has been introduced.
* A new mode has been added to the existing Krakatoa PRTCloner Modifier.
* Magma Errors are now considered fatal and will stop the rendering with an error message dialog.
* Added Decimal Precision controls to the Particle Data Viewer.
* The Magma Output channel format will be forced to the type (16 or 32 bit) specified in the Krakatoa Memory Channels Rollout when rendering in Krakatoa.
* The Source Particles section of the Main Controls rollout has been extended to a 4x4 grid and now hosts additional checkbuttons for PRT Surface, PRT Ember, a separate Phoenix option (which used to be shared with FumeFX), and more for future use.
* The VFB Extensions have also been updated to show all source types on 16 checkbuttons in 4 groups of 4 in two rows.
* Support for the new source types has been added to the Schematic Flow tool.
* Improved the class filters of the Magma (KCM) and Krakatoa Delete modifier MacroScripts.
* An ActiveType Tool has been added to the Magma Editor.
* Added ''FaceSelection'' channel to the list of pre-defined FaceQuery node channels. Previously, it had to be entered manually.
* Added Debugger Decimal Precision data display controls. In addition to the old defaults, floating point values can now be shown with 8, 12 or 16 decimal places.
* When defining the Output node's data format, the memory channel format (16 or 32) defined in the Krakatoa's Memory Channels rollout will be used and the other options will be hidden. This does not affect channels that are not cacheable by the renderer.

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