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Fri, Jan 25 2013 4:24:54 UTC

J.J. Abrams next Star Wars director (updated)

Back in October, Disney buying Lucasfilm was big news, and since then people have been busy speculating on who would be directing the upcoming Star Wars VII feature film. Now, The Hollywood Reporter reports that insider sources confirmed J.J. Abrams is negotiating to direct the production.

Back in December, some comments from Abrams made it sound like he would not be the man picked, but now this newest rumor seems much more solid, and has been picked up by sites across the web. Meanwhile, questions arise as to what will happen to Star Trek 3, which Abrams is also set to work on. Perhaps he will take a back seat on that one, staying only as executive producer.

The upcoming Star Wars movie is already being written by Michael Arndt.

Update: Lucasfilm confirmed the story.

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