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Mon, Jan 14 2013 21:32:20 UTC

Adobe CS2 available for free again

Earlier this month, some users found out about new links for Adobe CS2, available for free, with valid serial numbers. However, shortly after the discovery, those links were taken down, and it became clear that the company had done this release in order to help actual customers to get a version of the software that would not require an activation server, since those were taken offline. However, it now appears that Adobe has done the unexpected, and made these available again to the wider world.

Whereas before, one would require an Adobe account to access those links, now Adobe CS2 along with all of the software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier, etc) is available on a new download page, along with the serial numbers, without the need for registering. While the page itself doesn't specify what the purpose of this release is, the original forum post made by Adobe seems to have been deleted.

Of course, this software dates back to 2006, so there may be some issues running it on modern systems. On Windows 7, most of the applications will work fine. However, to get them to update, you may need to bring your clock back to before 10/01/2011 while the update process happens. Some users have reported problems running them on Windows 8, however using a virtual machine is always a possibility. Finally, on 64bits systems, it seems the programs may have problems with invalid folder names, and installing them in a custom location seemed to solve the issue.

Of course, this 7 years old solution can't compete with a modern release of CS6, but for those who need something to get started, this is certainly an unexpected bonus.

Download page: https://www.adobe.com/downloads/cs2_downloads/index.html

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