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Fri, Jan 11 2013 6:07:11 UTC

GIMP 2.9 and 2.10 feature map

GIMP is a very popular free, open source alternative to Adobe Photoshop, and has been growing vastly over the past few years. Now, the developers over at GimpUsers have a post showing off some of the new features that users can expect for the 2.9 and 2.10 releases upcoming this year.

Among the new features, we find:

* 16/32 bit per channel support
* Lossless color space conversions
* New tool: Unified transformation
* No- and LoHalo-Samplers
* More on-canvas previews
* Multi-core CPU / GPU support
* OpenCL-accelerated filters
* GEGL based filters and plugins
* ICC v4 color profile conversion support
* Tile based computation and projection
* Color temperature correction

Two filters are also being removed, due to them being replaced by newer features or not being used by the community:

* Lanczos 3 sampler (replaced by the new LoBlur samling method)
* Maximum RGB filter

Version 2.10 of GIMP is expected to be released in late 2013.

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