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Fri, Jan 4 2013 23:14:23 UTC

FluidRay RT 0.8.1 released

The developers of FluidRay RT released their latest beta version this week, 0.8.1, which adds support for MacOS systems for the first time along with several new features.

FluidRay RT is a real-time physically based renderer which has been in beta for some time, and claims to produce render quality images in real-time, something that is usually done in a matter of minutes or hours. We interviewed the team behind this application a while back.

Version 0.8.1, still a beta release, is now available for download. Some of the features include:
* Mac OS X support
* Completely free download, registration is no longer required
* Updated to Embree 1.1 (better speed, lower memory usage)
* Added a Low Discrepancy sampler
* Improved quality and convergence speed on Metropolis sampler (more to come in the upcoming releases)
* New object manipulator (adding rotation as well)
* Quick resolution picker in the RenderView
* Automatic disconnection of nodes when connecting to a plug that has already a connection
* Added some velvet materials to the library
* Graph editor zoom is now centered on the cursor
* Automatic save of .bak files

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