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Mon, Dec 31 2012 19:19:42 UTC

Blender end of year meeting

On the last weekend of the year, the Blender team is still working to finish the next release of this open source modeler, version 2.66. Here are the news coming out of this developer meeting.

First, we learn that 2.66 is set to be released in early February. It seems like the development team has been hard at work during the Holidays period and various features are taking shape in order to be included in the release.

An alpha pipeline refactor project is underway which will provide better RGBA support, 16 bits PNG files will now be supported, a dynamic topology sculpting mode is being added, a bullet physics engine, Cycles hair rendering, and a new feature called Freestyle. There was also talk of a new template assets function for the asset browser, which could hit a future release, along with a voronoi fracture modifier.

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