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Wed, Nov 14 2012 21:47:37 UTC

Unity 4 released

After spending some time in beta, Unity 3D version 4 has finally been released for all. A long list of new features makes it a worthwhile upgrade for game designers who want to take advantage of the latest technologies in this popular game engine.

Unity is a well known engine for making games, especially for mobile platforms. With release 4, the company brings in several new and improved features:
* An all new animation system
* DirectX 11 rendering
* Updated image effects
* More realism for mobile games
* A fine-tuned Shuriken Particle System
* More detail and control with lightmapped scenes
* Refined profiling for mobile
* New publishing platforms
* Cross-platform dynamic fonts
* Change cursors on demand with new Hardware cursor API
* New Add Component button
* Fast asset search and management
And more.

The basic version of Unity is available now for free. A trial of the pro version is also available, and costs $1,500.

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