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Tue, Nov 13 2012 4:56:23 UTC

Mozilla Popcorn Maker

The promise of rich, interactive media is something a lot of designers and content creators have been working towards, and now thanks to a new project called Popcorn Maker from Mozilla, video and interactive elements can be seamlessly mixed and easily published on the web.

Let's say you create videos or animations on the web, but would like to add context, such as annotations that appear on the video, links to Wikipedia articles, interactive maps, or news updates. YouTube already allows some of that, but it's static and doesn't support much interactivity. With Popcorn Maker, people can create a project from a video or animation file, and then add interactivity elements. Because it's integrated using HTML5, the elements can be live. For example, you may want to show real time updates on top of your video, to show the latest news about the topic you're covering.

Here's an example from the Mozilla site:

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