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Thu, Nov 8 2012 21:16:03 UTC

Autodesk releases 123D

This morning, Autodesk announced the availability of 123D, their free design application available on the web, desktop and mobile. With it, anyone can have access to a 3D design software for free, in an easy to use format.

123D has been in beta for a while now, and has evolved into a fairly comprehensive solution. With the official release, Autodesk is hoping to bring even more people to the world of 3D design, something they couldn't necessarily do when needing expensive CAD software.

To get started, you simply have to go to the web site and install a plugin in order to run the web app, or download the equivalent from your tablet's App Store. The app provides various tools like primitives, engine parts, construction parts, and so on. While the actual modeling tools are few, the company promises to keep improving the app over the coming months.

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