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Mon, Nov 5 2012 8:45:47 UTC

Blender Developer Meeting roundup

On Sunday, the core team behind Blender 3D, the most popular open source 3D modeling software out there, had their developers' meeting, and some news items came out about the upcoming versions of Blender, such as the Blender 2.65 release target and the 2.7x and 2.8x branches.

Version 2.65 is the next major release of Blender, and the current plan seems to be having a Release Candidate in December, with final release soon after. Dynamic topology sculpting, one feature that was scheduled for 2.65, will likely be pushed back to 2.66. Some other features are going well and are likely to make it into 2.65, like Open Shading Language and script nodes.

A road map was established for the 2.7x and 2.8x releases, with 2.7 focusing on a number of steps to tackle various long lasting issues in Blender. This includes parts of the animation system, physics, ways objects are drawn, rendering, etc. The Blender Game Engine may also get some improvements. The 2.8x series will be kept more stable and compatible again (like 2.6x after 2.5x).

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