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Fri, Nov 2 2012 23:23:15 UTC

Hurricane Sandy devastates New York art district

With the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, a lot of people came home to New York City and found flooded basements and devastated buildings. But in the Chelsea district on the West Side of Manhattan, where a lot of art communities reside, they too found some of the biggest devastation in a long time, according to a report from AP.

We talked about one particular studio who suffered major damages, but it seems this may end up being the case for several more places. According to one executive at the Fine Art Conservation Group, ''We've never seen an event like this in the neighborhood. It is surreal, honestly, to see this much damage all at the same time and so widespread.''

There are more than a hundred art galleries in this district alone, and many more studios working on all kinds of art projects. Rachel Churner, owner of Churner Gallery, echoed the same sentiments, saying ''Everyone prepared the best they could, but the damage was much worse than anticipated.''

While the total amount lost won't be known for quite some time yet, it's clear that the New York art community suffered greatly from this event.

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