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Tue, Oct 30 2012 18:49:19 UTC

Autodesk Flame 20th anniversary edition

In a short announcement, Autodesk today released a series of new software versions for its subscribers. These include Autodesk Flame Premium 2013 20th Anniversary Edition, Autodesk Flame 2013 20th Anniversary Edition, Autodesk Flare, Smoke Advanced, Smoke (Linux), Inferno, Flint and Backdraft Conform 2013 Extension 1.

Earlier this year, the company had announced that to celebrate 20 years of Flame, they would release these special editions. Flame products are popular tools for visual effects, advanced graphics, and 3D compositing in television and film post production. Some of the new features in this anniversary edition include:

* New Creative Workspace
* Faster Access to Creative Toolsets
* Redesigned Timeline Workflow
* Enhanced Flame Desktop Reels
* Faster Compositing and 3D VFX Development in Batch and Action
* Unified Approach to Media Management
* Faster Conforming
* Modern Color Management
* Format Support
* Tangent Element: Color Grading Control at Your Fingertips

Subscribers will receive emails with download details, while others can check out the community site for more information.

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