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Tue, Oct 30 2012 18:13:43 UTC

5 iPad art apps for kids

The iPad, along with other tablets, are great tools for artists, because you get to use the interface with your fingers, which often ends up being a much more natural way of dealing with an app. We've already seen some professional grade products like Photoshop Touch, but the iPad is also a great device for kids to learn the world of art. Here are 5 great apps you may want to check out with your kids.

SketchMoo 2

The app SketchMoo 2 is a very simple and inexpensive app which provides the basic features that a young kid would want, which is the ability to draw anything they want on the screen, along with a large button to erase everything and start over. This app is mainly aimed at young kids as a first stepping stone, without any advanced feature.

Connect N Color HD

Connect N Color HD is the iPad version of an iPhone app which focuses on learning. Kids get to connect lines together on a drawing, and learn numbers at the same time. Again, this is best for young kids just starting off, and could easily be their first contact with the iPad.

Bloom HD

With Bloom HD, kids can mix both visual art along with music. Instead of drawing shapes, this app allows you to use the touchscreen to make patterns and melodies. A generative music player takes over when Bloom is left idle, creating an infinite selection of compositions and their accompanying visualizations.

Drawing Pad

Drawing Pad is a painting app for kids who really want to go wild without restrictions. This app provides a number of easy to use controls, including a pen, paintbrush, eraser, blender and brush tools. Kids of all ages will probably find something interesting to draw with this app.

Let's Create! Pottery HD

Not all apps have to be about drawing either, as shown by Let's Create! Pottery HD, an app that allows you to make clay items, texture them, and share them. This app is a bit more advanced and would be best for slightly older kids, but is a great way to introduce different types of art to children.

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