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Mon, Oct 29 2012 21:48:25 UTC

Wind map art project showing hurricane winds

While most people on the east coast are bracing themselves for Hurricane Sandy, a group of designers created the Wind Map, what they describe as a personal art project that shows the speed of the wind across the US.

According to Fernanda Viégas and Martin Wattenberg, collaborators on the site, they invent new ways for people to think and talk about data. The map takes data from the National Digital Forecast Database and creates a very interesting looking animation. They started the project earlier this year, but now with the storm coming over the east coast, their animation comes to life with those very fast winds brushing over the eastern part of the US.

The team makes it clear that they are not associated with any company, and want you to get more familiar with wind and wind power. They also made available wind map prints.

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