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Mon, Oct 29 2012 20:02:29 UTC

Odyssey II community book

Odyssey II with Clive Barker is the second installment of a community project, run on DeviantART, where authors and artists can all contribute pieces of literature and artwork towards a complete book. Started earlier this month, Odyssey II is well under way with the prologue completed, and Chapter 1 and 2 submissions ending this week.

The first Odyssey project from last year proved to be a popular concept, and now renowned author and film director Clive Barker is running the second round, creating another community book project called Odyssey II. Any user of DeviantART can submit text or art to be included in the finished product, with deadlines being set every week. The completed book will be published both as a multimedia experience and a hard cover in 2013.

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