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Mon, Oct 29 2012 0:11:41 UTC

Andrew Gordon gives tips on how to work for Pixar

Andrew Gordon from Pixar posted a series of tips and tricks for those interested in getting a job at Pixar, and generic advices on how to get into the industry.

Some of the tips he gave include:
* Definitely don't have blinders on of ''I just want to work at Pixar''
* When picking internships, look at people and places and think ''How can I learn?''
* There's not one specific reel that's going to bag you a place
* Build a really strong foundation of traditional art
* Once you get complacent, that's the danger. You've got to always be pushing
* I think any art-based job is more about your portfolio and less about credentials
* We're looking for people that have a quality or a sensibility of either animation or design

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