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Fri, Oct 26 2012 21:29:33 UTC

The Goon controversy

Two weeks ago, Blur, the studio behind the movie project The Goon, started a Kickstarter campaign in order to complete a story reel for the film, based on the comic of the same name. Then, a little controversy started with a post on Cartoon Brew about the Kickstarter campaign, and today the studio addresses part of the perceived problem in an update posted on the Kickstarter site.

It all started with an idea, to adapt the comic The Goon into a short animated film. Blur, the studio behind the project, tried to get some corporate backing but fell short. Instead, they turned to Kickstarter in order to get fans to donate $400,000. The problem, according to some people, is that the money is being raised in order to make a story reel, not the movie itself. Also, this story reel won't actually be seen by most people, only backers who provide a large amount of money. In effect, the product behind the campaign won't be available for most people who put money in.

The team at Blur Studio responded to this criticism, initially by email with Cartoon Brew, but today they added an additional incentive for backers. In their post on Kickstarter, they announced that a one-time screening night of the story reel will be hosted in Los Angeles. This means that anyone who puts money in, even as low as $1, will get to see the completed project. That is, if they live close to LA.

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