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Top 10 reasons to become an artist

There are a lot of reasons to become an artist, and others why it may not be the career for you. Of course, everyone has their own reasons why they do something, and for many, art is a way to express themselves, or be able to show their creative sides. It could be a way to pay the bill, or even impress friends. But let's look at more down to Earth reasons, things that may or may not apply to you.

10 - It's a great reason to get drunk
Let's face it, being an artist isn't a great way to get rich, certainly not like being a doctor or lawyer. In fact, an art career is often seen as the one job where people go without food or a place to stay just to finance their creations. But, on the plus side, you get a lot of time to throw a party and get drunk!

9 - Get interesting dates
If you want to impress a girl or guy you met, telling them you're a CEO or important associate in a law firm is sure to raise eyebrows. But having the ability to tell someone you can draw their portrait on a large canvas is something else entirely, and is sure to get you some interesting dates.

8 - You get to sleep in
Many artists are freelancers, meaning they don't work in a typical 9 to 5 job. Instead, you get to sleep in late, to have the schedule you want, and to work as much or as little as you want. Of course, if you want to pay the bills, those contracts still have to be fulfilled, but if you really don't feel like turning the computer on one morning, then you don't have to.

7 - You can have an opinion on everything
Face it, everyone has their own opinion, but typically others aren't really interested in finding out what you think. That is, unless you're an artist. By being a creative person yourself, it automatically gives you the right to express your opinion on pretty much anything else, and people will listen!

6 - You get to dress and look the way you want
You wouldn't want to see your lawyer come into the court room wearing shorts, and open shirt, or a long beard. But if you go to art school, that's almost mandatory! You can look the way you want, and dress the way you want, and everyone thinks it's normal, because you're an artist.

5 - All your childhood toys are okay to keep around
Most people get to see their parents throw away their toys at some point, usually by the time you hit 18 if that hasn't been done before. But if you're an artist, then keeping that comics collection on the shelf, or bobble-heads of your favorite game characters, is a normal thing to do. It's all for inspiration!

4 - You get to draw naked pictures
Let's face it, naked pictures, drawn or otherwise, are still taboo in western society. But if you're an artist, what many would label as porn suddenly becomes anatomy experiments! Drawing a naked body is actually a great way to learn proper anatomy, and that's something you can take to the exam.

3 - Everyone asks for recommendations
Even if you make 3D models, because you're an artist, suddenly everyone starts asking you for recommendations in music, films, and so on. You're the creative person among your friends, and that gives you a new found authority on everything entertainment related.

2 - Live a stress free life
Because you can work on your own schedule, dress and look the way you want, and let's face it, art school is easy, you will probably live a long, stress free life. Of course, the financial problems may come haunt you at some point, but why worry about that now?

1 - Your main work tool is your imagination
The great thing about being an artist is that the main tool you use for work is your own imagination. Everything becomes a possibility, and your creative expression is the only boundary you have. Of course, you can't go wild on every contract you get, and usually have guidelines to respect, but for the most part, this is the one career where you get to use all your mental creativity every single day.

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