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Fri, Oct 26 2012 2:44:18 UTC

DeviantART literature updates

DeviantART is well known by artists, and a place many of us use to display pictures, drawings and renders. DA has always had a literature section too, but some found it lacking. Today, the site announced several changes to its literature features and to Sta.sh Writer.

The first change is to how literature and journal entries are displayed, including a better font system, a new layout with familiar options, like the ability to change the background from light to dark, enlarge the text, and more. Sta.sh Writer, their web based HTML5 app, has added emoticons now, along with easily accessible drafts. Group journal entries now also have a Edit with Sta.sh Writer button.

People in beta testing can finally see a new feature that allows images in journals to be displayed in thumbnails.

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