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Thu, Oct 25 2012 21:32:07 UTC

FumeFX 3.5 released

Afterworks, the company behind FumeFX, one of the most popular smoke animation plugins for 3DS MAX, has announced the release of version 3.5. This plugin allows 3D artists and animators to create realistic simulations for VFX productions.

According to the release log, version 3.5 includes several new and improved features:

* Boundless grid with complete control over boundaries.
* Added support for Field3D file format.
* Changing the Effector's name will automatically update its name inside the FumeFX UI.
* Continue from cache in a bigger grid.
* Volume emission with Object Source.
* MXS command ffxSilent - no Message box will show up (like Stop/Continue, etc).
* Multiple Scattering for PreviewWindow
* Multiple Scattering option to cast and receive, so if you have a scene with many grids and want to avoid MS computation overhead, this should be handy.
* Ability to imprint various info to the Preview Window output.
* From the Obj/Src rollout, right click on object/src to select it in the viewport that will automatically enable PinUI option. Multi selection is also possible,
* Paths will show inside the Asset Manager
* Pin UI will keep the UI opened even if FumeFX is deselected. You can position lights and objects and GPU PW will update as well.
* Preview Window has a new menu option ''Lock to Viewport'', so you can work on the scene setup in various viewports and PW will always display the chosen one.
* FumeFX Gravity parameter can have negative value
* Sim Loop Mode option to reset sim at the beginning of each loop.
* Added tooltips to output paths text boxes, so that users can see very long paths.
* Added support for picking groups of nodes from Scene Selection window. Works with: objects list, illumination lights list, object source objects list, particle source particle list.
* Added support for changing parameters for FumeFX deflector objects for all group members if grouping button is enabled ('G')

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