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Mon, Oct 22 2012 19:37:40 UTC

RFID chips allows sculpture viewers to go digital

The John Natsoulas Gallery debuted the Davis Interactive Transmedia Sculpture Walk earlier this year, which allows people to see dozens of scultures of all sorts by local artists. Some of these are also placed in various public settings across Northern California. What makes this show unique however is the fact that people who see the real life version can communicate with those who see the virtual, digital depictions. Now, a book has even been released with links to these messages.

The company XtremeSignPost uses RFID chips which were embedded in concrete, near each sculpture, in order for people and artists to send messages, videos and comments to others. Anyone with an RFID capable cellphone could participate. The book itself, called Davis Mural Team, contains links to videos about the interactive murals that are part of the Transmedia Art Walk, and also embeds RFID tags.

XtremeSignPost uses RFID technology to integrate and share consumer experiences with personalized products, and is one of several companies that helped make Interactive Transmedia Sculptures possible.

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