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Mon, Oct 22 2012 19:23:07 UTC

Hellacious Artistic Imagination at DeviantART

With Halloween coming, a time when artists often depict demons and sacred displays, DeviantART ask some pretty profound questions to the readers, about Dante and censorship, after showing some classical paintings as well as recent artist renditions.

Here's the questions on the table:

1- Does the artistic exploration of theological subjects make you in any way nervous, especially in a time when the very act of depicting one religion's god and messenger can have such great impact?

2- Does Dante's attempt to match appropriate crimes with appropriate punishments make sense or does the concept eternal damnation in torment ruin his otherwise equitable distribution of justice?

3- What are an artist's responsibilities when depicting subjects sacred to some who will be seeing the resulting artwork? Is caring for even a moment about possible repercussions a form of censorship and repression against art and the artist?

4- Do you think it's fair that remembering to pray at the last moment gets you a Get Out of Hell Free pass?

5- Are you currently living in one of the nine rings of hell right now? What is happening there?

Check out the thread on DA to read artists' opinions.

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