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Fri, Oct 19 2012 22:11:36 UTC

JefeCheck 1.5 released for free

JefeCheck 1.5, a free, easy to use yet highly flexible high resolution image flipbook for film and TV post work, has been released, and the application is now free for all to download, running on Windows, Linux and MacOS.

This tool is a very interesting software program for artists, technical directors, or anyone working in the post production world of video or film projects. According to the site, some of the features include:

* Hardware Accelerated High Resolution RAM based image sequence playback.
* Many, many formats (DPX, OpenEXR, TIFF, TGA, JPEG, BMP, etc)
* Play up to four 2K streams at once on commodity hardware 4K playback capable (hardware dependent)
* Different viewport layouts (single, 2x2, side by side, top and bottom)
* Real Time transformations (zoom, pan, flip, flop)
* Once, Loop and Ping Pong playback modes.
* DPX Metadata Display
* Real Time Aspect Ratio modifications, with image deformation (for anamorphic) or cropping with black bars.
* Automatic Proxy Generation
* Area of Interest loading
* Low hardware requirements
* Fully multi-threaded
* Process image in Real Time and Full Resolution using gaming level hardware.
* Easy to write plug-in system based on XML text files and the OpenGL Shading Language.
* FXs are stackable, apply as many as you want.
* Flexible LUT format
* Render to image sequences.

The site offers a donate option for those who want to contribute to the development process.

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