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Wed, Oct 17 2012 0:51:46 UTC

Lifelike 3D Human competition

The Lifelike 3D Human competition was announced last month and is aimed at any 3D artist who would like to create a realistic scene for a model, with the potential of winning up to $21,000 worth in prizes.

The deadline is approaching for this competition, but there's still plenty of time for artists to join in. This event is sponsored by a large number of 3D sites and forums, including AXYZ Design, CG River and CG Society. The 3D human model is provided, and the contestants are asked to create photo-realistic scenes for that model, with prizes going for Best Photo Studio Lighting Setup rendering and Best Architectural Space rendering.

The deadline is November 5th, and the winners will be announced on November 20th and receive credits at various 3D marketplaces around the web.

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