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Mon, Oct 15 2012 20:26:25 UTC

The lies we tell ourselves

The Awl, a New York based news outlet, has published a very interesting list of 21 lies writers tell themselves, which actually could apply to any type of content creator or artist.

Among those lies, we find things like all you need to be a writer is talent, which we all know is not true, there's marketing, connections, luck and so much more. I'm almost done, which is a lie so many of us have said when we look at an unfinished piece and hope to be done soon, but in fact spend many more hours until it's good enough. I don't care that my frenemy from grad school got a million dollars for that literary crossover novel, which could apply to watching artists sell paintings for millions, a VFX producer getting a Hollywood deal, or even a game designer getting hired by a large development house. We all get jealous, it happens.

Then there's the smaller lies, like I'm only on social media because I have to be to promote X, I'm only going to go on Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr for a few more minutes and if you put something on the Internet, no one will read it. This last one is a personal demon of mine...

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