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Mon, Oct 15 2012 18:01:47 UTC

Company launches Pinterest style website maker

Pinterest brought to the web a very interesting unique design. Instead of the traditional blog style, with content flowing from top to bottom, it uses cells going from left to right and filling the whole page. The result is a much more visual experience. Since then, many other sites have outright copied the design, or at least inspired themselves, to varying results. Now, a company called Echo launched a new visualization plugin for companies to create this style of websites for their own services.

The company said in a press release that the new plugin allows data to be displayed in this way, and can link to their Echo SteamServer which can bring in real time data from YouTube, Spotify, Facebook and more. It allows designers to create web sites with this same visual appearance, without having to reinvent the wheel.

It remains to be seen whether the sites who do adopt a similar design style will get as much success as Pinterest did, but it's not surprising to see companies come out with such solutions, since the design style has proven so popular in the first place.

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