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Sun, Oct 14 2012 15:11:15 UTC

The Goon Kickstarter project well underway

Late last week, fans of The Goon, the popular comic series about mobsters, zombies and killer robots, received some good news in the form of a Kickstarter announcement. The team at Blur Studio, Dark Horse Comics, and Eric Powell, creator of the series, got together to launch a Kickstarter campaign to turn the book into a full featured movie production. And just 3 days after it started, the financing goal is already 1/4 of the way there, with over $100,000 pledged from 1,400 backers.

Kickstarter has become a very popular platform in recent years, especially for creative projects. According to Tim Miller and Jeff Fowler, directors at Blur Studios, the team tried to pitch this project at traditional Hollywood studios, without much success. From a recent interview we learn that most big studios aren't willing to risk a PG-13 animated movie. So instead, they decided to use Kickstarter and get fans to donate $400,000 in order to turn the movie into reality.

From early numbers, it does seem like the project is well under way, and has attracted a lot of attention among fans and media alike. They aren't the first to do it either, with Penny Arcade getting over $500,000 this past summer to help run their site, and the popular YouTube VFX maker Freddie Wong getting $273,000 for the series Video Game High School.

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