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Sat, Oct 13 2012 20:10:17 UTC

YouTube search changes

Late yesterday, Google announced new changes to YouTube, improvements to the search function that follows previous changes they had done in August.

The basic idea behind the new search algorithm is to bring more relevant videos to people. Previously, doing a search on YouTube would show results based on clicks, meaning how often people went to a particular video. Now, starting yesterday, the search function looks at how long people watched those videos, instead of just how many people started watching.

What this means is that tricks like using a clever title or preview image aren't enough to rank high, the video content has to be good as well, because if a lot of people click but no one watches through to the end, the video won't rank well at all for searches. This is good news for video creators who want their content to rank well, and bad news for people trying to game the system.

The company also announced better metrics for YouTube content creators, so they will be able to know how long people watch their videos, and what type of engagement they are getting.

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