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Fri, Oct 12 2012 23:06:49 UTC

New York Comic Con 2012

The New York Comic Con 2012 is under way now in Manhattan, where over 115,000 people get to meet their favorite authors, artists and designers, along with cosplayers and stars. The show started today and brought the usual assortments of news in the comics scene, along with long lines of fans recreating their favorite characters.

This is the seventh year that NYCC is in operation, and the crowd seemed as enthusiastic as always. Cosplay galleries are appearing online, while live blogs keep track of the action from the ground floor.

Some of the news coming out of there includes the fact that publisher Legendary Comics is trying to make its mark by signing up two new projects from Guillermo del Toro and Grant Morrison. Writer and producer Vivek Tiwary was there to discuss his forthcoming graphic novel The Fifth Beatle. Even My Little Pony fans got to see a lot of toys for the franchise, which is surprisingly popular among many adults.

Fans could also see new comics, videos, and games. The new title Injustice: Gods Among Us by Warner Bros was on display, and they announced Green Arrow, a new character for the game. Needless to say, day 1 was packed, and the weekend is promising to be filled with action as well.

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