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Thu, Oct 11 2012 22:14:57 UTC

Spacedraw for Android launched

A new 3D modeling software has appeared on the Google Play store called Spacedraw, created by Scalisoft and packing quite a few features, allowing users to create full 3D models on their phones and tablets.

Some of the features include a new UI designed for Android devices, the ability to use touch and multi-touch in order to drive the app, it adapts to screen sizes allowing you to run it on most Android systems, and the company says it's aiming at both professional modelers and beginners as well.

The tools that can be found inside of Spacedraw allow users to create lines, curves, primitives, do patch and polygon modeling, handle lighting, textures and materials. It also provides 3D painting for your models.

The free version allows you to use the application fully, but disables the undo function, and restricts models to 1,000 vertices. An unlock key can be bought for $4.99. So far, the user reviews on the Play store seem mixed, with some people commenting that the interface can be hard to understand. This isn't the first modeling software available on Android, with apps like Sketcher 3D already available. Still, if you like to create 3D on the go, this is certainly worth trying out.

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