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Mon, Dec 12 2011 17:23:07 UTC

MegaUpload versus Hollywood

A very controversial topic has started blowing up over the weekend, when the site MegaUpload organized a video featuring a large quantity of well known artists, in order to promote their site and go against RIAA assertions that the site is nothing but piracy content. But then, in the ultimate irony, Universal filed DMCA notices, and continuously asked YouTube to take the video down, even though they owned none of the content in the video.

Now, MegaUpload is sueing, and the news is going around the world, of how large corporations claim they want even more control over how the Internet works, through laws like SOPA and Protect-IP, in order to punish pirates, yet misuse the tools they currently have. The Guardian has a nice editorial about the whole story, and how the real pirates are those large Hollywood companies.

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