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Sun, Dec 11 2011 20:57:48 UTC

Quantum Dots TVs

While 3D TVs are still trying to become mainstream, and manufacturers are heavily pushing them into people's homes, now a new technology called QD TV is set to revolutionize the world of televisions once again. The Telegraph reports that Quantum Dots technology can produce a new type of display that uses tiny crystals to show pixels, and can be printed on folding plastic sheets. This means thinner screens, and even displays that can be rolled up.

The technology is being developed by scientists at Manchester University, and they are already in contact with manufacturers. They expect to have the new thin screens being produced within a year. The new crystals used in QD displays also produce better color accuracy and range, and are cheaper to make. The scientists predict that the quality of these upcoming TVs will be far superior to current LCD TVs.

Just last year, LG was the first to commercialize QD technology as part of smaller displays, now it's just a matter of adapting it to large screens. It's believed that many major electronics makers are hard at work to get the new displays fabricated, and they should appear on our shelves by 2013.

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