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Wed, Dec 7 2011 22:25:44 UTC

Interview with cosplayer and artist Bastet

Today we have an interview with Bastet, a cosplayer, digital artist and dancer from Argentina.

Could you briefly describe yourself?

I'm not very good describing myself, but I'll try: I'm the type who works hard to get what I want. If I want a cosplay, I'll work hard to do it, if I want to get better at drawing, I'll try to improve, if I want to have a good body, I'll work very hard to achieve it, and this is a question I get very often and my answer is always the same: I work hard, and give a lot of time and effort, because people, that's how you get your dreams done.

You're a cosplayer, a digital artist, and you play in music videos, how do you find the time for it all?

I'll do little by little, people only see the results but sometimes I prepare a cosplay for months, and choreography too, everything is time, effort and patience.

What's the artistic scene like in Argentina?

I'm not in contact with the artistic scene in my country, so I really don't know.

How did you get the title The Cat Goddess?

It's not a title. It's only my nick, Bastet is the Egyptian goddess of cats (and she is a cat herself), and I added the Japanese honorific ''sama'' used for very important people and gods. And why did I choose Bastet? Because I love cats that's why, and why did I put the ''sama''? Only because I love Japan, I wanted to merge two things I love very much, that's the secret of my nick lol.

How did you get started in cosplay?

Seeing other cosplayers in conventions a long time ago looked so fun that I wanted to try it too. Anyways I always loved to wear costumes, since I was little, it's fun to play the role of someone else.

Do you have a favorite character or genre you like to cosplay?

I like to cosplay fighting video game characters the most, and I think it fits with me too. I'm more that kind of girl.

Have you ever been in competitions or at conventions?

In conventions, yes, but I avoid going with cosplays unless it's fully necessary (like with my dance team). In competitions, no, I don't like to compete with my cosplays, conventions and competitions are not my thing. I like to try to take the character into reality with my pictures, I'm not really interested in people saying ''Bastet-sama is cosplaying as Poison'' my goal is for people say ''that's Poison'' and forget about me. My opinion is that when the actor is more important than the character, you are losing the point of cosplay.

How did you get started with drawing characters?

I guess since always, I've been drawing ever since I can remember. I love to draw, to create what I have in mind.

Do you often draw and cosplay the same figures?

Not always, I draw a lot of stuff that I don't cosplay.

Around how much time does it take you for a typical drawing?

Sorry but I'd never look at the time when I draw, so I can't answer this one. But it takes me a lot of time for sure.

You're in a kpop band? How did that happen?

Is not a Kpop band. We are a group of girls who love to dance and not only kpop, we like to dance other stuff too. I used to play in a J-rock band, but I'm not active anymore.

Anything new you're working on that you can tell us about?

I'm working in my B. Jenet cosplay (garou-kof) so I hope you guys enjoy it.

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